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Welcome to my website! I’m Sue Holmes and composing music has been a great source of joy in my life. I’d say to anyone who loves music - have a go!


Growing up, I was surrounded by music of all types. Three of my family played in a brass band (euphonium, cornet and soprano cornet). Have early memories of listening to them on the radio in a competition. It was quite heavy stuff – very different to the Sunday afternoon bandstand- in-the-park work they often did! Our home always had a piano, mum & dad tinkled. Christmas was a hoot! Also, I had dad’s vinyl collection to play on the old stereo. Matt Monro, film soundtracks, classical as well as all the pop tunes of the era. First record I purchased was the ‘Twist & Shout’ EP by The Beatles! Later, went on to have a few piano lessons too.


Apart from the above, my favourite decades were the 70s/80s. As a teen in the 70s, life was so exciting with the ever-changing music scene. There was so much going on (not all good) but nevertheless an inspiration.


Music is everywhere. In the street, adverts, TV, films, computer games, shops and even phone queues!! I decided to get some technical help and advice to begin my musical adventure a few years ago. Shane O’Neill (tutor) has enabled me to fulfill my dream of writing music and using many instruments to create pieces suitable for different forms of media. If I let my imagination take over, all the influences of the decades can affect the pieces, whether it be funky, jazzy, creepy, retro, orchestral etc. Even passing a busker in Covent Garden can spark off a vibe! I also love going to various concerts and musical shows.

So far …

I reached the semi final of the UK Songwriting Contest on my first attempt (instrumental section) and had two other pieces highly commended. This gave me confidence to carry on creating. Chris Ashman, of Cringe Music, Commercial and Production Library Publishing took on board ‘Zest’ and put it on his fifth album of instrumental works.


Shane has taught me everything ‘technical’ from scratch…what patience! He is also my other ear and full of great advice & tips. Also my family and friends, especially Gary, have been so supportive. My sis Julie Holmes for the artwork and Miffy for the website know-how. Would also like to mention The Guild of International Songwriters & Composers. They are a very good source of information and support. Extremely helpful and friendly too. Their services include copyrighting and assessment and their magazines are a very interesting read for enthusiastic music lovers.

And....thanks Chris Ashman for publishing my first piece!

Update September 2008

The UK Songwriting Contest 2008 results are in. Two tracks were commended and two reached the semi final position. 'Undercover' has now been to a recording studio and will become part of the sixth album in Chris Ashman's music library.

Update October 2009

UKSC results: 2012 ~ Runner Up... Melt ~ Finalist...Crystal Night ~ Finalist...Swampland ~ Semi-finalist...The Bandstand ~ Semi-finalist... DNA ~ Commended.

The Guild of International Songwriters & Composers have a full page feature/member profile of my bio & songwriting in this quarter's magazine issue, following my recent success in the UKSC.

Update September 2011

Remembrance achieved Finalist position in the UKSC.

Update November 2012

Have been busy composing all different types of music, including something for the children at my friend's Pre-school. One is a music & movement piece about insects, which they enjoyed! Another is a Christmas song (with lyrics) which they will be singing in their play. I'm collaborating with my sister Julie, who will be designing CD covers for these. We hope to send them off to a publisher who specialises in children's music.